Community Participation

Assistance with attending events, appointments and leisure activities

What is Community Participation?

Community participation is defined to help people in contributing to events, attending appointments, making connections, socialising, receiving support and joining fun leisure activities. 

Here at Elevated Living, we offer that support to help you live a healthy, joyful and carefree lifestyle. Below we share the amazing benefits on why community participation is important to you and how you can attend to these today.

The benefits of Community Participation

There are many benefits to community participation. These include socialising with your community to increase belongingness, improving wellbeing as well as inner skills and joining activities that you never even thought of before.

Firstly, being more engaged with the community through projects and hobbies can bring out a sense of meaningfulness and contentment. It will help you grant the ability to live an independent lifestyle, look after yourself and have more opportunities to make income.

We want to make sure you feel connected to the people in the community and feel acknowledged on top of being accepted. Furthermore, we can help you learn new skills or adapt to building current skills in order to increase your confidence and sense of belongingness. This also allows you to improve your health and wellbeing for a better lifestyle.

Our professional staffs are ready to give you the best support that you need, explore challenges with you and help you overcome barriers. We will provide information to questions in order to help you be more involved in the community. 

Socialising is an essential part of everyone’s lifestyle, including yours. While many people with disabilities may not be able to have a choice nor have been asked to consider the possibilities outside of their experiences, we will provide you with the support you need to help you achieve those objectives and make sure you feel contributed and connected. We work with you and your families to plan and implement strategies to meet those goals and help bring out your potential way of living. 


Moreover, we can even help you brush up on your new and/or current hobbies. You can also look into joining a wide range of different activities and projects that suit your liking and align with your current skills. These include cooking, movie days, dancing programs, weekend outings, arts and crafts and many more. You have the choice to be involved in group activities or one-on-one activities with our support workers. We can help you pick the right interests that suit your goals, social and communication skills and most importantly, what makes you satisfied. 



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