Domestic Assistance

Assistance with everyday household tasks such as dishwashing, house cleaning, clothes washing and shopping.

What is Domestic Assistance?


One of the services that we provide at Elevated Living is domestic assistance, this is an umbrella term for all of the different little tasks and duties around the house that you may require assistance from our staff.

From general cleaning, dishwashing to gardening and other tasks such as assistance  with personal hygiene care.  Whatever the level of assistance and care that you require, we have team members at Elevated Living that can assist with your specific needs.

Domestic assistance and every other service that we provide can be quite personal, this requires support workers that are not only competent but also that they are caring and understanding. Caring is at the centre of what we do at Elevated Living and is one of the main core values that we look for when accepting new members on to our team of support workers.



How We Can Help You

With the help of our domestic assistance we can provide the excellent value you need to live a peaceful, safe and enjoyable lifestyle. But why is it important to choose what is right for your daily living and why us? There are multiple reasons why we should help you out. Having a domestic assistance to support you will help reduce your stress, maintain a healthy yet cosy home environment and allow you to spend quality time with family and friends.

Reduce stress and anxiety to live a well-worth lifestyle

Having our professional staff help you out will allow you to reduce stress and improve your wellbeing (whether that be mentally, physically or even emotionally). An organised space will help you reduce anxiety and stress. It will additionally help you sleep better, increase your mood and make you feel less overwhelmed so that you can have the energy to spend time with your family, friends and your community. Domestic assistance can ensure you to get that kick of boost for your social life! 

Maintain a healthy home environment

A professional can help you maintain a healthy home environment especially if you’re a senior or living with a disability. Having a poor environment and cluttered home can be very harmful to your health. These could lead to poor hygiene and serious illnesses such as salmonella poisoning, cold and flu cases, diarrhea and e-coli. To decrease these damaging illnesses, we can help you avoid them by keeping your home organised and clean.


Household Domestic Assistance

Our domestic assistance can help you with any chores you need to get done around the house. We make sure that you run the house however you like it to be while keeping it comfortable, independent and clean. 

We offer assistance with everyday household services such as washing laundry, taking out the rubbish, general cleaning, vacuuming, ironing, mopping, and more to keep you carefree. We also assist in caring for your pets. Elevated Living delievers a wide range of support when it comes to making your place orderly before family and friends arrive. 

Gardening Assistance

We understand that in order to have a cosy home, you need a stunning and peaceful garden. Our domestic assistance will help you maintain a neat, healthy garden for you to enjoyably (as well as safely) move around in. 

Our goal is to work with a wide range of gardening equipment and tools to regularly keep garden duties up to date and maintain an elegant yet delightful environment for you. We can help you with watering, pruning plants, tidying up garden waste and sweep outdoor areas such as fallen leaves. 

Having a beautiful garden will leave you with a peace of mind- calm and contentment. 

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